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04.06.2006Ari Greenberg - We traded around 30 cans
13.02.2006Aviv Abramovitch gave me his collection (about 300 cans)
19.01.2006Ari Greenberg - We traded 35 cans
17.01.2006Helping Ronen Liwski raising his exhibition at the new Coca-Cola visitor center

28.12.2005Avi Alter gave his collection to me (392 cans) and Ronen Liwski (around 300)
07.10.2005Ari Greenberg - We traded 41 cans
20.05.2005Ari Greenberg - We traded 37 cans
25.04.2005The 2nd collectors festival - Children's Museum in Holon
13.01.2005Ofer Bernstein gave me his collection (about 500 cans)

22.11.200420 cans from Ofir Ronen
05.10.2004Collectors' forum gathering at Gan Ha'shlosha
28.08.2004Collectors' forum gathering at Kibutz Dvir
14.06.2004Yaki Noiman gave me his collection (about 400 cans)
27.06.2004The cartons & duplicates
25.06.2004Nir Kupeprman gave me his collection (about 300 cans)

14.11.2003Louise Sarrazin from Canada sent me her daougter's cans (23 cans)
13.10.2003The "Childhood collection's" exhibition. Children's museum in Holon.
01.08.2003count - 3,700 cans
31.05.2003The collection throughout my house
31.05.2003Close-ups of special cans

27.12.2002Gunther Hanel (Austria) gave me 16 beer cans in exchange for beer mats
09.07.2002Noam gave me his collection (about 1,000 cans)
09.07.2002Chay Alufi gave me his daugther's collection (136 cans)
06.07.2002Avner Varetzki gave me his collection (about 500 cans)

29.09.2001Amir Taichman gave me his collection
01.08.2001Cans on camera - Trip to Eilat with Guy & Micha
23.06.2001Adi Arlichman gave me her collection
01.01.2001Cans on camera - Trip to Hungary & CzechRep with Ido
30.07.2000Chaim Venetzia gave me his collection (about 600 cans)
29.12.1999Lior Carmel gave me his collection (253 cans)
16.09.1999Carolyn Broyls A teacher from the USA, collected 37 cans for me at her school
30.07.1999Cans on camera - Trip to England with Micha
01.07.1999Kelvin Freisen from Cananda - my 1st trade (4 cans)
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